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Talks and Presentations

* Explorers Club Film Screening - Bermuda's Treasure Island (2013)

* Atlantic Salmon Federation Visitors Centre, St. Andrews - presentation and film clips, view, Press Release, view.

* Atlantic Salmon Federation Gala Dinner, Toronto - keynote speaker 2012, view.

* Talk & clips of Lost at Sea at the Metepenagiag Heritage Center, New Brunswick, Canada (2011)


* Screening of Sceillig and Bermuda - A Last Refuge at the San Francsisco Ocean Film Festival (2008)

* Screening of Sceillig and Bermuda - A Last Refuge at the IWFF, Missoula (2006



"Lost at Sea: The Documentary" By Martin Silverstone 01/01/2012

Salar Goes Hollywood with Award-Winning Crew. When fly fishers refer to “The Movie” they inevitably mean A River Runs Through It the film adaptation of the Norman Maclean story, directed by Robert Redford and starring Brad Pitt. Read article

"BEFORE" By Martin Silverstone 12/2011

Iceland may be the land time overlooked, but for Atlantic salmon anglers, it's the place they will never forget. Read article

"Undersea dramas hook audience" By Daniel Martins 03/06/2011

METEPENAGIAG – Going between warm and cool waters like the bluefin tuna he’s been following, Rick Rosenthal came to the Miramichi this week from filming in the Azores. See article, 1, 2

"Scotland Outdoors" magazine current issue 01/11/2011

Conservation: Leap of faith
Wild Atlantic salmon may seem abundant in Scottish rivers, but this majestic fish faces unknown perils at sea that could threaten the composition of our salmon stocks. Ida Maspero reports. See article

Documentary chronicles salmon in river, "The Miramichi Leader", 09/15/2010

SOUTH ESK - A documentary is currently in the works on salmon, and naturally any documentary of that sort wouldn't be complete without a boat ride on the Miramichi. Over the weekend, Atlantic Salmon - Lost at Sea! started filming on the Miramichi River .

Deirdre Brennan, producer of the documentary, said the salmon's travels and toils piqued her interest.
See article, 1, 2

Detective work in the sea – Investigating depleting salmon stocks, The Project, September 2010

The Atlantic salmon is appropriately known as the ‘king of fish’. These powerful, sleek ocean-goers travel up to 5,000km in their lifetime before returning to the freshwater streams where they hatched, displaying a homing instinct that is as mysterious as it is impressive. Read more.

An article from The Bermudian. Read article.