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Atlantic Salmon ~ Lost at Sea

Lost at Sea takes the viewer on an epic journey through the oceanic kingdom of the Atlantic Salmon -the king of fish - in an attempt to unravel the mystery of their life at sea. Populations of salmon are plummeting to critical levels, even going extinct in some southern rivers. Despite conservation efforts worldwide, populations continue to fall. The cause is mortality at sea. For the very first time, using the latest DNA technology, scientists are able to track the salmon from the rivers, through the estuaries and into the vast North Atlantic and back again in hopes of finding an answer before it is too late. This film tells the most complete story of the life of Atlantic salmon - something not possible before.

Filmed in visually stunning high definition video, Lost at Sea takes us from the rivers of Europe and North America to the vast waters of the North Atlantic and the rich feeding grounds around Greenland. Presented as a mystery, the viewer is on board the Irish research vessel, the Celtic Explorer, as we head north to follow the salmon on their migration towards the arctic and experience the exciting discoveries being unraveled at sea. Our lead investigator is Prof. Ken Whelan: a dynamic Irishman, scientist and passionate angler, he has studied salmon in rivers around the world. Ken helped launch the international project SALSEA (salmon at sea), an urgent investigation into the life of salmon at sea. It is the largest and most complex Atlantic salmon research programme ever undertaken. This is one of several carefully targeted expeditions to map the salmon distribution and conditions in the ocean on a particular migration path where the salmon are known to travel. On board, scientists work in the floating crime lab searching for an answer as samples from the ocean are collected during the expedition.