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Bermuda's Treasure Island

Bermuda's Treasure Island tells the story of a remarkable man who saved one of the world's rarest seabirds from extinction. Bermuda's legendary seabird, the Bermuda Petrel, or Cahow, was thought to be extinct for over 300 years. In 1951 an expedition was launched to search for the Cahow. David Wingate, a schoolboy at the time, was invited to come on the expedition. He was present when the Cahow was pulled out of a deep crevice on a rocky island by ornithologist, Robert Murphy, who announced to the world " By Gad, the Cahow!!" It was a life defining moment and David decided to make saving the Cahow his life's work. The nocturnal and elusive Cahows are caught for the very first time in this film.

David Wingate also set about the extraordinary task of restoring Nonsuch Island to its pre-colonial state in order to provide a safer haven for the Cahow, He transplanted over 8,000 native trees and shrubs to this once barren island. It is now a "Living Museum" of Bermuda's native and endemic plants and wildlife. The film shows the first translocation of a Cahow chick to Nonsuch Island to start a new colony, by David's successor, Jeremy Madeiros. While a new colony of Cahows on Nonsuch was David's ultimate plan, he never thought he would live to see it realized in his lifetime. The film is a testament to what can be done - the extraordinary efforts of one man to save a species from extinction and restore habitat - and to the amazing resilience of nature if given a chance and a helping hand.

This is one of the great conservation success stories of our time.

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